2020 406 Plan

This §406 Plan is developed and adopted under the authority of the WQA Act.  406 of the WQA Act requires the WQA “to develop and adopt a basinwide groundwater quality management and remediation plan” that is required to be consistent with the USEPA’s National Contingency Plan (“NCP”) and Records of Decision (“ROD”) and all requirements of the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board (“LARWQCB”). According to the WQA Act, the §406 Plan must include:

  • Characterization of Basin contamination;

  • A comprehensive cleanup plan;

  • Strategies for financing the design, construction, operation and maintenance of groundwater cleanup facilities;

  • Provision for a public information program;

  • Coordination of activities with federal, state, and local entities.

The WQA shall review and adopt this §406 Plan on an annual basis and, if necessary, shall make revisions according to changing regulatory, political and/or funding environments. In support of the §406 Plan, the WQA shall also adopt an annual fiscal year budget (July 1 through June 30) which shall include all projects (actual or planned) that WQA is facilitating through its participation during that time period.  The budget shall identify various funding sources and combinations thereof to ensure that full funding for each project (capital and/or O&M) can be achieved.

The WQA, through representation on its board of directors, includes three municipal water districts.  These member water agencies are the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District (“USGVMWD”), the Three Valleys Municipal Water District (“TVMWD”), and the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District (“SGVMWD”).  These public water agencies are each mandated to develop and adopt an Urban Water Management Plan that identifies reasonable and practical measures that provide for water recycling, water use efficiency and conservation to maximize the utilization of local resources and minimize the use of imported water supplies. Their respective sponsorship and administration of these projects is a vital part of enhancing the long-term reliability of the Basin’s water supply. WQA’s §406 Plan references several of those projects because they directly augment WQA’s goals and objectives (Appendix G)